Our trackey webkeys come in different colours

Our innovative webkey technology
allows you to precisely
connect the target audience directly to your messaging and online assets
via an integrated print-to-web solution.

Explore the full benfits of trackey webkey

webkey integrated print and digital solutions
target your audience with trackey custom messaging

tracKey™ is a patented USB device (webkey) which will automatically open up a recipient's browser and direct them to a specified webpage, no distractions or key strokes, no matter how buried or hard to find that page is. This allows marketers to maximize existing digital resources and provide clear reporting on who, when and how often each recipient has utilized these tools or resources. If you have a website, an event or digital assets and want to optimize their use and reach to your customers, you need to see how we can help with tracKey™

webkey analytics

Perhaps one of the best features of tracKey™ is that your on-line messaging or content can be changed at any time after distribution.

Easily monitor, measure and update your campaign.

Through the use of unique ID codes, and next generation QR technology all activity can be tracked in real-time with a number of reporting options. Distribution can be batched by individual (for direct mail), sales territory or by any other meaningful segment a marketer wishes to target. With robust "built-in" KPI mechanisms ROI is one of the best reasons to use this tactic. Gain valuable insights to your markets migration and usage preferences for Mobile, Tablet and PC usage.

webkey analytics and qr code

Make better use of your digital assets — you can't print a video, sound track, slide show or other digital content – trackey™ can connect your audience with a vast assortment of online digital assets.

Webinar Promotion

webinar promotion

online surveys or evaluation forms

online surveys or
evaluation forms

online registration and subscription

online registration
and subscription

product launch

product launch

flyers, brochures, direct mail

flyers, brochures,
direct mail

patient support programs

patient support

online che programs

CHE programs

online contests


tradeshow handout

tradeshow handout

reward and incentive program

reward & incentive

online instructions, product manuals and FAQ

online instructions,
product manuals & FAQ

online cards and sales tools

business cards &
sales tools


Healthcare marketers continue to need new and engaging ways to educate and communicate with their audiences. tracKey™ is a perfect fit for patient registrations, starter kits, loyalty incentive programs and CHE deliverables – just to name a few. tracKey™ can be used to increase awareness, educate and thereby encourage compliance. Content can be continually updated in the interest of staying current or cascaded to provide a progressive messaging experience.

Interested in multi channel, variable patient messaging, based on an optimized mix of patient and disease centric content? Push relevant, customized information to the patient throughout the course of the treatment cycle at the right time to patients based on their channel of choice (Email, SMS, Voice). Passive Web portals containing massive amounts of information do not significantly impact patient adherence and or compliance, in fact they can often times be intimidating leading to a Google search for an answer to a particular topic or question.


RemindMe — our all encompassing program designed to support patient adherence programs. RemindMe provides personalized messaging to your patient – delivering at a schedule that is either dictated by dosing instructions or chosen by patient as well as via their chosen method of contact – either voice message, SMS text or email. Send medication reminders, refill reminders as well as lifestyle modification messages. Provides you with a higher perceived brand value by your audience.

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